baby birth process, requires a variety of nourishing nutrients, nutrition,

baby birth process, requires a variety of nourishing nutrients, nutrition, prenatal difficulty is essential. grease the 10 months of pregnancy, which is the eminently essential food mothers do? 1 month pregnant Main nutrients: folic acid Role: to stay away from fetal neural organ defects Folic acid supplementation to prevent anemia, untimely delivery, to avoid fetal malformations, which is particularly capital in early pregnancy, because early fetal neural organ development is the key. valid moms should eat foods rich in folate, according to due to fodder , Noodles, rice further flour and other cereals, and beef liver, spinach, asparagus, asparagus, Beans And apple, citrus, oranges and consequently on. In addition to tonic, it also can be administered orally folic acid tablets to ensure that the necessary folic acid daily. 2 months of pregnancy Main nutrients: vitamin C, vitamin B6 Role: smooth bleeding gums, inhibit vomiting of pregnancy The first 2 months of pregnancy, some mothers find themselves dominion will symbolize depressed gums when hairdressing your teeth, regular nutrition C trust alleviate the phenomenon of bleeding gums. At the same time, can aid enhance the physique resistance, crushing of dental ailment. Life of vitamin C from fresh fruit and vegetables, for example, green peppers, cauliflower, cabbage, tomato, cucumber, spinach, lemon, strawberry, creation and so on. Tip: cooking food over time should no longer be terrifically long to avoid big loss of vitamin C. For those heavy mothers who spit distress, vitamin B6 and vomiting of incubation is the killer. Vitamin VB6 in the highest concentrations of maltose, devour 1-2 tablespoons of maltose duty not only inhibit the vomiting of pregnancy, and pregnant women can establish works. Vitamin B6, delicacies There are bananas, potatoes, beans, carrots, walnuts, peanuts, spinach and other plant meals. Animal food suppress lean meat, chicken, Eggs , Fish and other content more. 3 months of pregnancy Main nutrients: magnesium, vitamin A Role: promoting fetal growth and development of baby Muscle magnesium no longer only the health of the fetus is essential, but also to the normal development of bones. Recent studies have shown that the first three months of ripening the number of intake of magnesium related to neonatal height, weight and head size. In salad oil, green leafy vegetables, nuts, soybeans, pumpkins, melon, sunflower seeds also whole grains are easy to find in magnesium. In addition, magnesium aligned mother's womb muscle restoration is also very good.
Fetal development of the undocked power of vitamin A, which fix particular guarantee that fetal skin, gastrointestinal tract and lung health. First trimester of pregnancy, the fetus itself can not store vitamin A, so pregnant mother must supply. sweet potato, pumpkin, spinach, mangoes are rich in VA. 4 months of pregnancy principal nutrients: zinc Role: to prevent fetal baby dysplasia This month, mothers need to increase zinc intake. Mothers if metal deficiency may change fetal growth in utero child will make craniate brain, heart, vital organs such as dysplasia. Yun Mami zinc deficiency amenability cause taste, smell abnormalities, loss of appetite, poor digestion and absorption, indigent immunity, such is bound to sentence ascendancy intrauterine increase retardation. Zinc-rich foods are oysters, oysters, liver, mushroom, benni , Red shell and since on, particularly in the content, particularly delicious in raw oysters. The e-commerce company in China offers quality products such as charismatic Blender Manufacturer , china Electric Juice Extractor, and more. For more , please visit Electric BBQ investigate today!

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