If your periods are fairly regular, you may get jelly

If your periods are fairly regular, you may get jelly if sharp is even the slightest hint of irregularity. Missing period over one week may cause pregnancy suspicions in your notion. However, when you actually take the pregnancy test, it comes terrible much to your comfort or disappointment, depending upon whether you are trying to get pregnant or not. certain is important to uncover the do of missed period without a ripening. further so, if it occurs supplementary than once. You will hold office surprised to know that there are several reasons for missed period besides pregnancy. Some are of little consequence, while others may need medical intervention. So, let us find out what are the reasons for a missed period other than pregnancy, in this article.

Some Reasons for Missed Period other than Pregnancy

The coil and pattern of the menstrual circumgyration may vary for each woman. A cycle of 28 to 35 days, that lasts for 3 to 5 days is generally considered seeing normal. However, even if your revolution or pattern varies from the common however continues to be fairly regular through each cycle, you responsibility still accept as true with your cycle as usual. Any abnormal deviation in terms of length or pattern of menstruation needs to embody diagnosed. Given below are any of the possible reasons for absent period but no longer pregnant.

Stress can play havoc cover your menstrual hormones without you realizing it. If you are undergoing a lot of emotional stress and trauma, whence corporal is likely that you may win irregular cycles. Excess stress may even drive symptom or complete cessation of menstrual course. Ovulation problems are also rampant with women experiencing stress on a regular basis. Once, you find the cause of pressure and eliminate it from your life, you obligatoriness expect your course to come back to normal.

Women who are way beyond their normal clout are prone to divers menstrual and ovulation problems. In fact, obesity is one of the extremely prime missed duration causes. overweight women may not ovulate on a regular basis, hence do not acquire regular cycles. Reducing weight is the uncommon way to address this issue.

Undernourished women, who do not have enough fat on their body are additionally prone to menstrual problems. Malnourished, anorexic women can also not acquire their periods for months and may also eventually suffer from symptom. Gaining weight may settle this problem.

Thyroid Disorder
Thyroid hormones interfere with pregnancy hormones. Conditions conforming as hyperthyroidism may cause your menstrual hormones to go haywire. You may get fever, lighter periods or not finish them at all. any of the signs of hyperthyroidism to look for come with weight loss, rapid/irregular heart beat, palpitations, irritability, prostration etc. If you doubt hyperthyroidism, you should talk your issues with a gynecologist who may suggest appropriate tests to rule out the possibility of thyroid disorder.

Hormone Imbalance
Your hormones may also falter due to any of the above reasons. Sometimes, slick might be comparable an unexplained hormonal imbalance. Appropriate hormone tests may reveal the real cause of missed length . A test owing to the hormone prolactin is often suggested when identification the cause of an abnormal or missed period.

Ovarian Cyst
An ovarian cyst or PCOD is a condition that affects onliest mastery every 15 ladies . It causes irregular menses, ovulation problems in women of reproductive age. It is also a leading cause of female infertility. Hypertension, type 2 diabetes, weight gain, acne, increased facial hair are some of the signs besides symptoms of ovarian cyst. Thus, if you experience frequent missed or irregular periods, your doctor may diagnose you for this condition.

If you get a negative pregnancy test further missed period, it is suggested that you repeat the protest after a week. If it still comes out negative, you can approach your gynecologist who may since originate the mystery at the back of a kiss goodbye duration. Hope this article on reasons for missed period other than pregnancy turned into resourceful.


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